Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To Blog or Not To Blog...

I'm still trying to decide just how nerdy this blog is going to turn out. Knowing me, it will probably end up being nerdier than is cool but not nerdy enough for real geeks to enjoy (although the title alone will probably drive anyone who self-identifies with "cool" running for the hills, anyway). I've been desperately seeking an outlet for my more bookish interests; since I have graduated, I've missed the entire process of reading something "great" (whatever that may mean), thinking it over, talking about it, thinking about it some more, and then writing about it.

I almost joined a book club (and by "almost," I mean I bought the book and read half of it before deciding not to go to the meeting). How could we possibly cover in one hour everything that was so desperately begging to be covered? And online discussion forums don't interest me all that much, if only because forums are so cold and impersonal, and I wouldn't personally know anyone involved.

That somehow led me to the idea of a blog, where I can write about what I'm reading and I'm doing, without the expectation that it will be read. (How this seems to me to be any less cold and impersonal, don't ask me. But somehow, writing for my own personal enjoyment is more appealing than trying to defend my interpretations of Great Expectations when it is being criticized by a 45-year-old house wife from Nantucket.)

I guess the real question, though, is whether it is worth it to blog in the first place--a blog seems very personal but is public in a I-wonder-if-anyone-is-even-going-to-read-this kind of way, and dangers of the over-sharing kind abound. But, on the other hand, when historians look back, they will probably call this the Age of Blogs; like the Age of Enlightenment, which took place in the Industrial Revoluiton, technology has exploded, allowing more intellectual freedom in the online community. But it is important to remember that, unlike the Age of Enlightenment, there is no way to guarantee that reason will rule as supreme.

Here's to hoping, I guess.

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