Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Greatest Mark Twain Disappointment of My Life

Some years ago, when I was in high school, my family and I heard about the Mark Twain Cabin in Angels Camp, California. I, being the nerd I am, immediately wanted to see it. Unfortunately, I wasn't nerdy enough to actually do any research on the cabin before we actually left and was subjected to The Greatest Mark Twain Disappointment of My Life.

First off, it's a short hike up to the cabin, but it was burning hot out, and the sun was baking us as we walked. When we got up there, the cabin was completely barred from public access--which I fully support, by the way, and was not the basis for the disappointment. The disappointment came when I discovered that Twain--aka Samuel Clemens--never lived in the cabin. Instead, he only stayed there when he was visiting the Gillis brother, William and James. Oh, and the original cabin burnt down, so what's up there now is a replica. Basically, I hiked up to look at a replica of a cabin that Mark Twain once slept at. That's bullshit.

I should have known. Want to know the name of the hill the "Mark Twain" cabin is on? Jackass Hill. I should have known.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I chuckled aloud when I read "that's bullshit."

Well done.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Well, it WAS bullshit. I hate being suckered into seeing faux tourist attractions.

Anonymous said...

Then you must hate lompoc, the largest claim to fame it has is a flower field, which, from a distance, and from the right angle and only in certain lights, looks remotely like a flag.

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