Monday, September 15, 2008

An Alternative to Blogging...

I stumbled across a kind-of-cool website called "100 words," which gives writers a forum to write 100 words a day for a whole month, at the end of which the "batch" of 100-words-for-thirty-days is published. If a member misses even one day, the whole exercise is moot and s/he has to start again. It's what the editors call a "social tasking" website, a place for writers to come together to work and struggleas a group, since misery loves company.

The editor, Jeff Koyen, explains it thusly:
"This is an exercise in disciplined creativity. Writing exactly 100 words at a time -- not a single word more, not a single word less -- isn't as easy as it sounds. The word count may be arbitrary, but the motive is not. To borrow from Proust, the tyranny of rhyme often brings out the poet's best work. By working within a standardized form, the writer can concentrate on other matters."
Kind of a cool idea, right? I don't think that I could do it (I'm both too verbose and too undisciplined), but if someone else joins and pulls it off, let me know what you think of it. Here's the site:

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