Monday, July 6, 2009

Not-So-Gentle Eavesdropper: Cringe-Worthy Conversations

Allow me to indulge my snobby side for a moment and vent about some of the cringe-worthy moments I've stumbled across recently.

Overheard at the Panera Break across the street from my apartment:
A: "I totally just heard someone misuse the word 'wronger.'"
B: "... um, is 'wronger' even a word?"
A: "No, but they totally misused it."
Me: [Cringe.]
A conversation I had with a friend:
C: "I don't think I've bought a book since the last Where's Waldo came out."
Me: [Cringe.]
A co-worker sees a picture of a man on my computer screen:
D: "Who's that?"
Me: "Oh, that's Dante."
D: "Who's that?"
Me: [Cringe.]
(This one's not strictly a "literary" issue, but it did make me cringe much more than any of the others. I might have whimpered, too.) A co-worker and I discussing current events several months ago:
E: "Yeah, I called my friend who lives in Atlanta to make sure she was okay."
Me: "Why?"
E: "Didn't you hear about all the stuff going on down there?"
Me: "Did they have another hurricane or something?"
E: "No, no! Didn't you hear? Russia invaded Georgia!"

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