Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Defining Definitions: Guilty Pleasures

Oh. My. God. Check out this essay by Sonya Chung in which she writes, "I complained about the Twilight phenomenon in the US. There are so many other better guilty pleasures, I’d written – Edith Wharton, Balzac, Palahniuk and Pelecanos."

In what world does Edith Wharton count as a guilty pleasure? Palahniuk (I guess) I could see, if you're embarrassed about his politics or something like that. (I have a similar feeling towards Ayn Rand.) But Edith Wharton?

I guess I agree with this definition of "guilty pleasure" the most: "something that you enjoy that you think you shouldn't enjoy, either for personal reasons or because of the possibility of other's reactions." Edith Wharton doesn't qualify.

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Homero said...

Pft, "Infinate Jest" if my bathroom reading, as well as the entire Dostoyevsky library. Get with thr program.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Oh, well, ex-CUSE me. My guilty pleasure is Middlemarch--it's just such a quick read, I would never tell anyone I actually read it.

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