Tuesday, October 6, 2009

(Audiobook) Review: The Ghost Orchid, by Carol Goodman

The Ghost Orchid is a book that, while I had some doubts in the beginning, finished with such a crescendo that I immediately moved to another Carol Goodman audiobook (so keep an eye out for that review, as well).

The Ghost Orchid follows Ellis Brooks, a writer who arrives at Bosco, an artist's colony, to conduct research for her first novel which is set in the same locale.  A parallel storyline features Brooks' story of Corinth Blackwell, a spirit medium who arrived at Bosco one hundred years earlier.  The  mysteries surrounding Bosco's history move to front-and-center of the novel, and they are both interesting and engrossing and end in just the manner I was hoping they would.

Goodman's writing style tended to grate just slightly on my nerves throughout the 8+ hours I listened to it.  She seems to lean a little heavily on the ol' I'm-writing-in-present-tense-to-indicate-action-and-keep-you-in-the-moment, which, while it is completely appropriate for audiobooks, would probably get annoying if I were reading the book.

Everything considered, then, I would give this book a B+ and recommend it to people who enjoy historical mysteries.


dkchristi said...

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Lindsay-with-an-A said...

What we see above is shameless self-promotion, which all authors are forced to stoop to upon publishing a book (either through traditional or non-traditional publishing houses).

D.K. Christi would have done better, however, to have gotten a different google profile name, to lead into the shameless self-promotion with a little ass kissing, and eased into the subject with a little more finesse. Still, all in all, not a wasted effort as now I have at least heard of the book about a "real" ghost orchid.

My blog said...

A b+! Never again, Linds, never again.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

It would have been an A (because I really loved the story), but Goodman wrote in present tense the WHOLE TIME. Present tense! I couldn't in good conscience give it an A.

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