Friday, September 11, 2009

I Wouldn't Hate the World if it Wouldn't Provoke Me

I assume I'm not the only one who heard about the "Female Force" comic series featuring female writers. Don't get me wrong-- a "Femal Force" series has the potential to be awesome. I'm thinking: Mary Shelley fights off the perverted advances of Lord George Byron; Louisa May Alcott ends slavery; Jane Austen fights off sea monsters... the usual.

Imagine my horror, then, when I learned the identities of the first two valiant members of the Female Force: J.K. Rowling and--wait for it--Stephanie Meyer. Sarah Palin is reportedly to join their league for some strange reason.

I concluded that it must be tongue-in-cheek--Rowling and Meyers might make a "Cash Cow Crew" or "Manipulating Teens Club," but Female Force? Oh, I get it. It's a joke, right? Good one, guys.

That was until I saw who else was being vetted for a slot in the Female Force, as explained by The Guardian: "The publisher is currently in the process of selecting two other prominent female authors for its comic book series, and said it was deliberating between Toni Morrison, Ayn Rand, Margaret Atwood, Ursula LeGuin, Harper Lee, Anne Rice, Beatrix Potter and Virginia Woolf."

I hate the world.


Daniele said...

Baroness Emmuska Orczy and Lucy Maud Montgomery raise an army of zombies to fight the aliens bent on earth's destruction.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

See, I would TOTALLY read that: Scarlet Pimpernel meets Army of Darkness meets Mars Attacks.

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