Friday, October 2, 2009

From Blogs to Books

So, remember that one time when I said I would never even consider publishing my blog?  Apparently I shouldn't have dismissed the prospect so quickly:
  1. Kevin Smith is publishing his podcast/blog under the title, Shooting the S*** with Kevin Smith.
  2. Blog2Print has teamed up with Blogger to allow users to publish their blogs in either paperback or hardback form, depending on how much the user is willing to pay.
... um, no.  I still think it's a stupid idea, for the following two reasons:
  1. I wouldn't read Kevin Smith's podcast/blog-turned-into-a-book if you paid me.
  2. The whole point of a blog is that it's paperless and available on the world wide web.
The idea of publishing a blog just to make money off of the book seems like a step backwards rather than forwards.  In addition, not all blogging is "quality," as you and I well know, and who would want every single post published? Not I, said the fly. Not me, said the flea.

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