Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Literature Largely Missing From HuffPost's New Book Page

First of all, I'm a little bit appalled that any publication, even The Huffington Post, existed without a "books page" until October 6, 2009.  Maybe I'm even a lot appalled. 

Regardless, what is even more appalling are the featured pieces, which include recycled news from elsewhere online ("Napster for Books: The Way of the Future," "Vook: Changing the Book?," "Sarah Palin Memoir: The Power of Political Books") as well as articles written especially for the HuffPost which seem to revolve around current events that relate to books in some way ("Why the Digital Revolution is Missing the Big Picture," "How Do You Make a Writer Kvetch?" "A Filing Cabinet, Some Contracts, and Kate Duffy") but very little in the way of actual writing about actual literature.

How the hell can you have a "books page" without actually writing about, you know... books?  Gah.

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