Monday, October 5, 2009

Womyn Finally Join the Hundred Acre He-Man Womon Haters Club

A new female character is set to join the cast of the Hundred Acre Wood, which has, according to The New York Times, been "mostly male" thus far.  Mostly male?  The only female I remember is Kanga, who basically serves as a walking carrying case for the far-more-memorable Roo.  The new story, featuring Lottie the Otter, is the first authorized addition to the Winnie the Pooh stories since 1928.

How sad is it that I had never before noticed that there were very few girls skipping around the Hundred Acre Wood?  As soon as I stopped to think about it, however, it really drove home all the feminist theories regarding the mysogynistic default toward males in literature and language.  I'll never (seriously) argue that we should use "womyn" instead of "women," but it is understandably a huuuge step forward that there will now be a female in Winnie the Pooh's life who isn't just the boring, "not very Clever" mother of a friend.

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