Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Dog Ears

This week's "Dog Ears" include an argument that all literate people should, in fact, boycott books as well as advice for literate people who are trying to write books:
  • Michael Wolff at Newser argues that "Books Are Bad For You," his final advice being that "Literate people should boycott books."
  • With Oprah announcing the end of her show, publishers are left with the problem of where to get their next golden ticket to great book sales.
  • The world is up in arms about the fact that there was not one woman author named on the Publisher's Weekly "Top Ten Books of 2009."
  • Speaking of book lists, remember those "10 Essential Penguin Classics" we talked about previously?  Now there are trailers for all of them.  As I do all of my blogging at work, I unfortunately cannot watch any of them, so let me know how they are if you can.
  • The "mainstream liberal media" has jumped on the Sarah Palin bandwagon by producing a response to the former-governor of Alaska's biography entitled Going Rouge: An American Nightmare.
  • J.C. Hutchins over at Tor has a pretty spot-on article, "What If? and What Happens Next? Two secret weapons for aspiring writers," calling What if? and What happens next? narrative carrots on sticks.  None of this is new for anyone who has ever taken a creative writing class, but it's a good refresher nonetheless.

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