Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Penpal: Twitter

I am now officially engaged in a social experiment.

Some of you may have noticed the Twitter widget I've added to the already-impressive array of links for Not-So-Gentle Reader.  You should also know that I have no intentions of using said social experiment to reach out to people I actually know.  Instead, I'm curious to see if Twitter increases my feeling of "inter-connectedness" with people whose work I respect at least on some level--a kind of informal "My Penpal."

I'm also a bit intrigued because Twitter is all about the written word--in a limited form, of course.  There's the opportunity to do really neat things with a form of communication that is so bite-sized.  I'll keep you updated, but so far the experiment has been less than thrilling due to the overwhelming volume of incredibly boring tweets. 

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