Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Dog Ears

This week's "Dog Ears" feature new biographies of McCartney and Lennon, as well as a characterization of readers by their favorite writers:
  • Two new Beatles biographies have been released, if you're interested in reading one more thing about Paul McCartney (who is "more artistically and intellectually complex than the sweet and bubbly caricature we have known") or a "haunting, mammoth, terrific biography of John Lennon." 
  • The Guardian features an original short story by Hilary Mantel entitled "Cinderella in Autumn," which offers a very interesting view on Cinderella's "happily ever after," as well as on the cyclical nature of the world.
  • Elizabeth Bachner has an interesting essay at Bookslut, "A Million Easy Histories," which focuses on the rash of fake memoirs in recent history, as well as the American public's sadistic interest in reading about others' pain which fuels it. 
  • The Times Online has an article which delves into John Keats' sensitivity to his critics, citing a letter written by a friend of his five months after his death.
  • Here's an interesting categorization of readers by their favorite authors, written by Lauren Leto.  I like that she prescripts the list with, "By the way, I respect all the authors on this list--kind of."

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