Monday, December 21, 2009

You Can't Fight the Twilight: Chapter Six

Chapter Six
People are so annoying--they kept talking to me about my fainting episode, which was really irritating.  Saturday a bunch of us got together to go to La Push, and Mike proved once again that he's pathetically easy to please by asking me to ride in his car with him. When we got there, we ended up meeting another group of kids, one of whom was named Jacob.  I had to roll my eyes when he called me Isabella, because--duh--my name is Bella.  Then he gave me an appreciative look that I recognized easily because every boy I know is in love with me.

Jacob mentioned that the Cullen family does not come to La Push, and, since I'm curious about all things Cullen, I flirted with him until he finally told me a story about how the local natives are werewolves and they think the Cullens are vampires.  Then I continued to flirt with him in order to make him as happy as possible, because apparently I don't have any problem toying with other people's emotions.


Jillian said...

I can't believe I just saw these posts. These are awesome -- so funny! And let me just ask the most asked question of the decade (just kidding), "Are you a fan of Twilight?"

Keep writing :)

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Haha, thank Jillian. I've gotten kind of side-tracked recently so I haven't written another "Fight the Twilight," but I just couldn't BELIEVE what I was reading. To be honest, I can understand why pre-teens love Edward Cullen (because I remember what I read when I was twelve and cringe a little somtimes), but grown women fawning over him makes me feel a little ill.

I was also going to do a review of the film and said, "Screw it." I'm sure anyone who knows me already knows my opinion already, anyway. :)

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