Thursday, January 7, 2010

(Audiobook) Review: Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie

I used my new MP3 player to listen to Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me during my flight back from California.  (By the way, audiobooks are a great alternative to airport reading for those of you who, like me, suffer from motion sickness.)  I had heard quite a bit about Jennifer Crusie from various sources, so I was looking forward to listening to a novel from the extremely popular romance novelist.

Bet Me's most interesting feature has to be the main character, Minerva Dobbs, who differs from traditional romance heroines in two ways: (a) she is overweight, and (b) she has no interest in having children, so the final chapter includes no overwrought pregnancy announcements the way so many novels seem to do.  Other than that, the story is pretty straightforward and if you like romance novels, you'll probably like this one.

(Interesting enough, at the end of the recording, it is mentioned that Crusie got a movie option for this book, and I'll bet anyone ten bucks that Crusie's agent (or whoever it is who arranges for book deals) described it like this: "It's like Bridget Jones's Diary meets How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days!  I'm thinking Anne Hathaway gains fifty pounds to play Minerva Dobbs, and we cast James Franco as her Hotty McHot lover. Instant blockbuster!")

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