Friday, January 22, 2010

The Literary Genius that is The Onion

Has anyone else been paying attention to the growing number of literary references in The Onion?  Yesterday it was, "Friendship Between Caterpillar, Horse Exploited For Cheap Children's Book," the day before yesterday it was, "Privileged Little Artiste Writing Something Oh-So-Precious Into His Moleskine Notebook," and today it's "Watching Faces Of Students As They Finish 'The Lottery' Highlight Of English Teacher's Year":
CHICAGO—Ninth-grade Collins High School English teacher Melissa Hamlin told coworkers Monday that the one moment she looks forward to all year, watching her students reach the end of Shirley Jackson's short story The Lottery, is rapidly approaching. "Oh, my God, the looks on their faces when they realize the villagers are actually going to stone Mrs. Hutchinson to death right then and there!" said Hamlin, who added that she never allows students to read the story as a take-home assignment. "I'm almost too excited to sleep. Oh, it's so great! They're never gonna see it coming!" According to Hamlin, the rest of the academic year is a slow but predictably horrifying downward spiral of disillusionment and unending scholastic disappointments.
This would be the highlight of my year, as well, if I had to teach ninth grade English.


Homero said...

Is it wrong that I have a similar giddiness when I pass out "A Modest Proposal" and "A Rose for Emily"?

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

I freaking love "A Rose for Emily." It's the kind of story you have to read twice (or at least I did, because I never saw it coming).

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