Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Dog Ears

This week's "Dog Ears" follow famous literary drunks as well as a 106-year-old woman who reminisces about Kafka (who she describes as "a slightly strange man"):
  • Here's a collection of "Famous Literary Drunks and Addicts" from Life... as though any of us are surprised that writers tend to have problems like alcoholism.  (Although I'll admit that I was surprised Louisa May Alcott was on the list.)
  • If you order a lot of books from Amazon, TechCrunch has found out that an "Amazon Promotion Tempts Book Lovers With Free Kindles".... sort of.  Apparently I don't qualify, though, because I don't see anything about money back guarantees.
  • "Merchandising, merchandising. Where the real money from the movie is made. Twilight the T-shirt. Twilight the lunchbox. Twilight the coloring book. Twilight the graphic novel! Kids love it."
  • Over at the Spectator, Susan Hill writes, "No, amatuers are not 'Just as Good as...'" to protest being asked to publish something alongside mere amatuers.
  • Jacob Lambert, of The Millions, has written "The Road: A Comedic Translation." 
  • Ofer Aderet has written "'I Look at the Good'" at Haaretz, about Alice Herz-Sommer, the last living person who knew Franz Kafka personally.

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