Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crowdfunding? Micropatronage? Eff that Noise!

If I have to work, sister, then so should you.  This is such unadulterated bullshit that I have nothing else to say on the matter other than this: if this person couldn't get the book done by the deadline, she shouldn't have agreed to do it in the first place.  I pity her family.


My blog said...

I agree though you have to give her credit for attempting it.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

For some reason, this was incredibly irksome to me. I've heard of "micropatronizing" a blog, but that doesn't bother me nearly as much because doing so ensures that a blogger can provide a daily service. "Micropatronizing" a novelist doesn't ensure the novel will actually be finished, doesn't ensure that the novel will be good, and doesn't ensure that the novel will sell. I can't believe she made over $6,000--I could live on that for MONTHS.

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