Friday, February 5, 2010

Denver Events: Neal Cassady Birthday Bash (2/7)

If you're interested, there's going to be a Neal Cassady Birthday Bash at My Brother's Bar (15th and Platte) from 2pm-7pm.  Here's the blurb:
The Beat Museum in San Francisco regularly celebrates Cassady’s birthday every year, but in deference to his roots here and spurred by the popularity of Beat events in Denver over the past few years, Carolyn Cassady and the Cassady family decided that we ought to have a party in Denver, too. Locals Heather Dalton and Joshua Hassel, who’ve been working with the family for three years to film a documentary about Cassady, took the reins and will host, along with John Allen Cassady, Jami Cassady Ratto and other noted revelers, a Denver-centric Neal Cassady Birthday Bash today at My Brother’s Bar, located in Cassady country at 2376 15th Street.

“He really inspired all these people, particularly Kerouac,” Hassel says. “He inspired what became a lifestyle, which is amazing for a guy who didn’t do much except be himself.” And, he adds, “This will be a great way to connect with Colorado’s Beat history.” Celebrate from 2 to 5 p.m. with presentations, readings, cake and dollar beers from Great Divide; admission is free. Call 303-455-9991.
Here's more information on Cassady's escapades in Denver, if you're curious.

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