Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Dog Ears

This week's "Dog Ears" feature one of the most depressing pieces on publishing I've read recently, as well as further information on the unfortunate death of Descartes:
  • Feel like writing a novel?  Read this piece by Tatjana Soli at The Millions, "The Writer Career Arc, or Why We Love the Susan Boyle Story" to fix that impulse right up.
  • So you know how the book is always better than the movie?  Apparently that's what James Cameron is hoping for, since he's "Writing [an] Avatar Novel."  Blech.
  • Peter Joseph at Flavorwire wrote an interesting piece, "Honoring William Faulkner's Liquor Legacy."  (Speaking of late-to-the-game alcohol legalization, Colorado only just recently got rid of the Blue Laws, so I can legally buy alcohol on Sundays now.  Whether or not I actually do is another matter altogether, but I'm amazed it took until the end of 2009 for that to change.)
  • Did y'all know that "there’s no such thing as originality anyway, just authenticity"?  Apparently plagiarism is a-ok as long as you call it "mixing."
  • Apparently Rene "Descartes was 'poisoned by Catholic priest'" in an inter-lacing of religion and politics.

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