Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ulysses in a Week: Day One

I set off straight after work to find a copy of James Joyce's Ulysses.  Unfortunately, the Denver Library did not have a copy of the book and I would lose too much time in requesting a copy from another branch.  (Note to self: must resolve to check available resources before making bold statements in the future, else looking like an ass much more likely.)

Found a very attractive copy of the book at Barnes & Noble as it is the closest bookstore to my apartment.  Felt a bit alarmed when the cashier held the book up and gestured to it Vanna White-style before saying simply, "Good luck."

"That bad, huh?" I asked.

"The last two hundred pages are good," he said.

"What about the first five hundred?" I asked.

"Um... the last two hundred pages are good."

Could not find my book club card and ended up paying full price because the cashier claimed he couldn't find me in the system.  Beginning to suspect perhaps he is not as intelligent as he would have me think.  Hope that will make the first five hundred pages of the book more bearable.

Page 1:
Not at all as I remember it.  Much easier, in fact. 

Page 3:
Beginning to suspect the world has been playing a joke on me, as book is much easier than I remember it being.  Wonder what everyone was talking about.

Page 6:
Realize I have never read Ulysses.  Have in fact been thinking Ulysses is Finnegan's Wake entire time.  Feel slightly embarrassed.
Page 19:
Think cashier at B&N may have also been thinking of Finnegan's Wake, as eyes still have not crossed.  Characters easy to follow and enjoying the references to Nietsche and Wilde.
Page 37:
WTF?  Book no longer makes any sense whatsoever.  Wondering where I can get whatever Joyce was on.

Page 45:
Have to quit reading at, "Peekaboo.  I see you.  No, the dog.  He is running back to them.  Who?"  Now wondering about B&N's return policy.  Luckily kept receipt.


Homero said...

How goes day 2?

I constantly get this book mixed up with "Dubliners" which is very enjoyable. "Ulysses" I've yet to attempt.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Technically yesterday was Day 2, and let's just say I've got to do a lot of reading over the next couple of days... since I read something like 10 pages yesterday.

Luckily it did get easier, though. I think maybe there are just sections that make absolutely no sense unless you've chugged a bottle of cough syrup.

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