Thursday, April 29, 2010

Denver Events: Spelling Bee(r) (5/1)

Hello, fellow Denverites: check out a local event, Spelling Bee(r), if you get the chance.  (Here's their upcoming schedule if you can't make the May 1st event at Hanson's Grill and Tavern here in Denver.) 

My understanding is that Spelling Bee(r)  is essentially a drunken spelling bee, with the words getting easier as the night goes on.  I totally want to see this, because I love watching drunks try to do anything technical that doesn't involve heavy machinery, but I'll be pulling out of town in about a week, so something tells me it's not going to happen.  Let me know how it is if you end up going.

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Gian Turner said...

Spelling bee(r) is a very interesting event. Yes, it is like a drunken spelling bee. I hope the same event will be conducted in one of the event centers in Denver, Colorado near my home. I am also looking forward to attend spelling bee(r) event next year in a designated event center in Denver, Colorado with my friends. I will just make sure I have enough time to do it.

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