Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Can't Fight the Twilight: Chapter Eight

(Words used to describe Edward Cullen in Chapter Eight: furious, commanding, murderously angry, curt, livid, threatening, authority, disapproving, mocking, ominous, smirking, rolling his eyes, cold, and clenching his teeth.  Sounds like the ideal mate, and if any of you want to use this list on your eHarmony account as descriptions of what you're looking for, feel free.)

Chapter Eight
I went to Port Angeles with my two new BFFs to shop for dresses for the dance, and they couldn't believe it when I said I had never been to a dance before!  Who would believe that someone made entirely of awesome sauce like me had never had a boyfriend?  Then I found out that Tyler's been telling everyone he's taking me to prom, because I sort of let him thnk he was.  The nerve!

I decided to find a bookstore, but wouldn't let my BFFs come with me, even though I didn't know Port Angeles that well and it was supposed to be a "girl's night."  When I didn't like the bookstore I found, I wandered off by myself because I have absolutely no survival skills.  Then I ran into a group of four guys who had no good intentions toward me and I had to run away.  Unfortunately I ran to a deserted street with no exits.

Then, can you believe it, Edward Cullen showed up!  I got in his car and he told me he has a bit of a temper problem.  Then he told me he was taking me out to dinner.  I started to ask him how he knew where I was, but decided it didn't matter, even though some people would think it's creepy when a guy follows them around.  When we found my BFFs, who had already eaten dinner because they were obviously really worried when I disappeared, Edward told them he would drive me home.

After they left, Edward and I went into a restaurant and he flirted with the hostess to get a good table.  Then we talked for while, about how I'm not normal because I don't react to things the way Edward expects me to.  Then I finally asked Edward how he knew I was in trouble with those guys, and he said he was following me to keep me alive by stalking on of my BFFs.  Then he said that he had insisted on taking me to dinner because if he was left by himself he probably would have killed those guys.  Then we left the restaurant and he told me it was "my turn."


Enbrethiliel said...


"Awesome sauce"


Lindsay-with-an-A said...

That term just suits her perfectly. If she ever had business cards made up, they would all say:

Bella "Awesome Sauce" Swan
Man Magnet

Connie said...

HILARIOUS. This is super-useful for someone who has never read the books but doesn't want to be left out of the zeitgeist--I'm going to recommend these recaps for my husband.

-Connie @

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Thanks, Connie! And "zeitgeist" is most certainly the right word.

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