Saturday, May 8, 2010

Check out "Stranger in an Even Stranger Land"

Well, folks, I've arrived safely in Houston and am staying with the very generous mother of a very good friend of mine.  However, upon arriving about 48 hours ago, I've had my blogging urges jump started in a slightly different direction--mainly, that of life in Texas as a Californian Coloradoan. 

Therefore, check out Stranger in an Even Stranger Land.  It's just getting started, and despite the unavoidable literary reference in the title (I can't help it--it's compulsive!), it probably won't have very much to do with literature, but it'll be chock-full of cultural observations which are sure to be at least somewhat interesting.  At least, I hope they will be.


JJ said...

Oh. My. God.

Never don't blog again for that long.
Without you to help me procrastinate I might actually do some revision!

Critical Chris said...

JJ gets 20 cool points for procrastination.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Aw, thanks JJ! I never realized just how time-intensive "literary" blogging is--between having no time to read or keep up on "literary" news, I haven't had much to say on Not-So-Gentle Reader.

Stranger in an Even Stranger Land will be much easier to maintain, just because there's so little research that needs to be done. But once I'm settled, I'll pick this one back up. I miss it. :)

And Chris, you just like to know that there are other procastinators in the world.

JJ said...

Love you too Chris ;)

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