Thursday, July 22, 2010

Casual Conversations: In Which Lindsay-with-an-A Looks Like an Idiot

Having shared the story of my cool boss making a bunch of interns sit through a Shakespeare speech, I feel it only right to share the conversation I had with one of them directly afterwards.  I also feel it only right to point out that it's very rare that I get to actually use any of the knowledge I picked up from my years in literature courses.
Intern: "What kind of speech is that, anyway?"
Me [eager to share some of the knowledge for which I paid thousands of dollars, and preening just a little bit]: "Early Modern English."
Intern [before I get the chance to tell him the difference between Old, Middle, and Modern English]: "No, I mean.... what kind of speech is that?  I know there's a name for one of those come-on-guys-we-can-do-it speeches, but I don't remember what it is."
Me [seriously deflated]: "Oh.  Uh... motivational monologue?"
Intern: "Huh."
There was an uncomfortable silence at the entire table for about three seconds until I burst out laughing, which gave everyone else the permission to laugh out loud, as well (since they were all laughing in their heads, anyway).  I think it's safe to say that my reputation as a nerd is both well-deserved and now reinforced at work. 

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