Monday, July 19, 2010

The Litvlog Sing Along: Frank, You're a Long Way From Ireland (Angela's Ashes)

Having recently finished Angela's Ashes, by Frank McCourt, I couldn't come up with anything to say except, "Wow."  The story, for those of you who haven't read it, is one of uninterrupted pain and affliction.  However, I wasn't sure of the best format to display my "wow" until I saw "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" (I know, I'm incredibly behind the curve on that one), and decided to make a musical litvlog (literary video web log).

Having said that, please understand that this video is a joke.  (For some reason, I'm having visions of rabid Frank McCourt fans pouring an ungodly rain of fury over my head in the form of angry comments.)  The man was his generation's Joyce (if that's a compliment), he was a beautiful and lyrical writer, and he managed to show the humor in some incredibly unpleasant situations.  That said, this video is just highlighting those unpleasant situations.

(Also, I know McCourt is "a long way from Ireland" because he passed away a year ago today.  Work with me here.)


Greg Zimmerman said...

Everything about this post is awesome! Hey, you're a talented musician/singer!

I only read Angela's Ashes last fall and had the same reaction you did - damn, why did it take me so long?

Loved the scene with the communion and puking in the backyard and the grandma...High comedy!

RIP, Frank.

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Thanks, Greg! I kept kicking the idea around and just finally decided to put up or shut up.

And that was my FAVORITE scene from the entire book! McCourt really is an excellent writer.

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

That is funny Lindsay-- I just finished watching a Weird Al smackdown over on Shredded Cheddar then here you are giving Al a run for his money! You need to do literary parodies!

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

Thanks, Lesa! I saw that, too, and thought the timing was serendipitous. :)

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