Sunday, August 15, 2010

Short Review: The Road (2009)

I originally had no intention of watching this movie, because after reading the book I was pretty sure watching a film version would be a lot like emotional self-flagellation.  I was therefore a bit surprised at myself when I did decide to watch it.

The film, directed by John Hilcoat, is everything an apocalyptic film should be in a cinematic sense--dark and barren landscapes emphasize the struggles of the characters.  Viggo Mortensen does a superb job of portraying a man whose sole concern is the well-being of his child in the face of a dying planet.  Kodi Smit-McPhee plays the man's son and is absolutely fantastic, especially considering he is an Australian performing with an American accent throughout the whole film.  In fact, the entire production is incredibly true to the novel in most respects, although the mother (Charlize Theron) plays a much more prominent role than she does in the book.

There are cannibals and calamites and Coca Cola.  I would highly recomend this film. 


Leah said...

We both read and watched The Road earlier this year. Though we found many differences, the movie did capture the emotional nature of the book quite well. Didn't you love the music?

Lindsay-with-an-A said...

YES! The soundtrack was absolutely gorgeous. I really enjoyed this movie, even though I kind of thought I wouldn't.

And you're right that there were a lot of factual differences between the book and the movie (we never even see the disaster that caused the Apocalypse in the book), but the feel of it was spot on.

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