Thursday, March 24, 2011

Advice from The Grateful Dead: "Keep Your Day Job"

Shout out to all my corporate sell outs!  Here's some practical, but not very idealistic, advice.

Maybe you collect or maybe you pay
Still got to work that eight-hour day
Whether you like that job or not
Keep it on ice while you're
lining up your long shot
Which is to say

     Keep your day job
     Don't give it away
     Keep your day job
     Whatever they say

Ring that bell for whatever it's worth
When Monday comes don't forget about work
By now you know that the face on your dollar
Got a thumb to its nose and a
Hand on your collar
Which is to say, hey-ey

Punch that time card
Check that clock
When Monday comes
You gotta run, run, run
Not walk


Steady, boy, study that eight-day hour
But don't underrate that paycheck power
If you ask me, which I know you don't,
I'd tell you to do what I know you won't
Which is to say


Daddy may drive a V-8 'Vette
Mamma may bathe in champagne yet
God bless the child with his own stash
Nine to five and a place to crash
which is to say...


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