Monday, March 21, 2011

Americans Apparently Not As Sexually Adventurous as Jane Austen

For a truly impressive show of stereotypes and cliches mixed with an unnecessary and shameless Jane Austen referencing, check The Guardian's "America's Jane Austen dating methods," in which Hadley Freeman accuses Americans of... well, I'm not sure of what, exactly.  She writes,
"The British approach to dating could easily be described as "chaotic" to the point of non-existent. I, however, see it as a decidedly just, nay, DEMOCRATIC state of affairs: you go to a party, you get drunk, you go home with someone, and the next day you either move in with them or you never speak to them again. It's such a free-for-all kind of approach; one that would have made the founding fathers proud. [...]
"Here is how dating works in New York: you meet a gentleman at a party. Phone numbers are exchanged. Three days later he phones you. Three days later you phone back. Formal dates are held involving things such as restaurants and bowling alleys. Only after three dates is disrobing legally allowed, and, presumably, he first has a sherry with your father to ask his permission and obtain his promise of 17 acres of land before proceeding."
Cannot. Compute. This is how I read that:
England (Democratic Hookups) > America (Stratified Social Structure Masquerading as "Dating")
I guess I get that some people feel comfortable making sweeping generalizations about groups of people. But where the hell does Jane Austen play into this?  Oh, wait: "In New York City, the alleged hub of dating, the whole dating farrago is freighted with so many rules that Jane Austen would bang her head against the parsonage wall and snap her little bit of ivory in half."

Of course Jane Austen would prefer promiscuity--it worked out so well for Lydia and Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice.  (Although I bet there's some fanfiction out there in which it really does work out well... if you know what I mean.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is this is an embarrassing display of begging for page hits.  I guess it worked, since I read it, but you'll notice I didn't link to it.  I do have some standards.

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