Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Dog Ears

This week's Dog Ears feature classy Simpsons jokes as well as the beginning of an online literary community--kind of like a blog, but one that sells books to make money rather than being funded by desperation and free time:
  • I looooooooove when popular culture references literature.  Like, it makes me giggle like a little boy who just told a penis joke.  So I was especially tickled by The Atlantic's "Visual History of Literary References on The Simpsons."
  • Not so sure how I feel about The Guardian's "10 Best Songs Based On Books--In Pictures."  That's a whole buncha different mediums in one place, taking into account The Guardian is a newspaper and the list is posted online.
  • Hardy hardy har, the infinite monkey theorem is sooooo hilarious.
  • Here's one popular series I have actually read being turned into a movie: check out the trailer for One for the Money, based on the series by Janet Evanovich.  (Confession time: while I have been wildly underwhelmed by Katherine Heigl in her myriad of same-character-different-movie roles, I will see this.)
  • Toni Morrison received the 2011 Library of Congress National Book Festival Award and talked about her new novel, Home.  That lady is 80 years old and can still run circles around both you and me.
  • Check out the website for The Lit Pub, an online bookstore that intends to "promote a sustainable literary community by introducing readers to authors we know and love. By providing a public gathering place for ongoing conversations, we aim to connect readers, authors, publishers, and other independent artists of all creative disciplines."  Coolio.  Hope it works.

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